Being Forgotten

Foreword by Jason Gardner: Author, youth worker and freelance consultant on faith and generational issues.

From the fantasies of Esau to the fantastic tale of Diamondman, ‘Being Forgotten’ shines a spotlight into the lives of eight modern teenagers. These fact-based stories will make you think, feel, react and want to read again. They don’t ask for your sympathy. They just don’t want to be forgotten.

With a ‘Behind the Scenes’ chapter explaining the issues and truth behind each story, including points for discussion. Being Forgotten is suitable for all young people and adults interested in understanding the minds of marginalised teenagers. It has been used in sixth form colleges, at Edge Hill University and by social services as a starting point for discussion.

Right at the back of Being Forgotten is a final thousand words: The true story of one of my pupils. 15 year-old Dale was terrified as I assured him he was now capable of filling in his own form to apply for his birth certificate; and the joy of his success!

Characters and Theme

Esau: Loneliness – an isolated boy does something extraordinary but tells no one

Kirja: Resilience – a girl is abandoned by her mother, but cares for her disabled dad

Sean: Conferring blame – a boy tells his story while he waits to go before a court judge

Hetty: Low self-esteem – a girl skives school and discovers her parents love her

Oby: Illiterate – an year 6 boy is sent to the head teacher and imagines his escape

Rosa: Attachment Disorder – a fostered girl runs away and is befriended by a woman

Pia: Self-sufficiency – a year 10 girl’s failed transition to mainstream school

Blake: Unfulfilled intelligence – Blake becomes Diamondman to cope with serious trouble